I am a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham.

My thesis focuses on the jus post bellum.  This is an emerging concept in international law with roots in just war theory.  Although no definitive version of the theory has reached an overall consensus, several versions have been roundly rejected by international lawyers.

In my view, the jus post bellum may be useful as a form of soft law.  As soft law it would seek to persuade states to behave better by making increasing the costs of non-compliance with soft law norms.  In this way, the jus post bellum might form a part of the global governance scholarship which seeks to improve the accountability of global regulatory bodies.

The main obstacle to these attempts is the paradigmatic theory of functionalism in international institutional law.  The presence of immunities and privileges for actors in post-intervention reconstruction has recently come to light due to the tragic consequences of the cholera outbreak in Haiti.  I want to explore the idea that jus post bellum can be a coherent accountability mechanism in post-intervention reconstruction missions.  This would require international organisations such as the UN to approach the issue of immunities and privileges in a more flexible way.


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